The Apex are a playable race in Starbound, resembling Apes. The term "Apex" may refer to an individual member of the species ("an Apex"), to a group ("some Apex"), or to the species ("The Apex").

Background Edit

For millenia the Apex were close to human in appearance until breakthrough research into accelerate evolution led to the creation of the VEP, or "Vestigi-Evo Process", which allowed the Apex to advance their intellectual evolution at the cost of physical devolution. All Apex were subjected to the VEP within ten years of its creation.

The Apex operate under a militaristic collective known as the MiniKnog (or the The Ministry of Scientific Progression). MiniKnog Continue research into improving the VEP by experimentation on chosen Apex on a regular basis, who are rarely seen again. Any opposition to the MiniKnog is punishable by death, though there are rumors of an impending revolution.[1]

Gameplay effects Edit

If the Player chooses to be an Apex, certain things are different:

  • Run faster and jump higher than other races

References Edit

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