Spaceships are the primary source of transportation in Starbound, with each race having a unique ship design. Each player has their own starter spaceship that ends up marooned above your first planet, which serves as a vessel and respawn station.


The Pilot Chair is on the right side of the ship, inside the cockpit, with the Fuel Gauge directly behind it. The Teleporter can be in a variety of places, but the most common position is to the right of the ship, outside the cockpit. The Fuel Tank is most commonly above the Teleporter, regardless of where the Teleporter is positioned. The Cargo Bay is found in the middle of left (back) of the ship.
  • Apex Ship
  • Avian Ship
  • Floran ship
  • Glitch Ship
  • Human Ship
  • Hylotl Ship
Note: Not all spaceships are generated like this, with the placement of the pilot seat and fuel station seeming to be the only two stations that have a pre-defined placement inside the vessel.


The Spaceship has a multitude of uses, each station having unique processes. The Pilot Chair is used to plan flights to other planets and solar systems. The Fueling Station is used to provide Fuel for the Fuel Tank, which then allows you to make use of the Pilot Chair. The Cargo Bay is used for storage of items, and is vital for interplanetary trade. The Teleporter allows you to access the planet your Spaceship is currently orbiting. The Spaceship itself is also where you will respawn upon death, which will result in a loss of some pixels.