A Weapon is an item in Starbound used by the Player to inflict damage.

It has been confirmed that weapons will be procedurally generated. Developer Tiy posted that "There are literally millions of weapon combinations." 

Weapons will have different stat values that measure how effective they are. Listed possible stats are clip size, reload time, fire rate, damage per shot and bullet spread. Different classes of weapons will all have their own range of stats.

Weapons will have weapon mods that completely change how the weapon funtions. The types of weapon mods that can be used depends on the weapons rarity.   

Starting in the Solarium Tier ($1000 US), players that pre-order the game are given the opportunity to design their own weapon, which will be made functional by Tiy.

Ranged Weapons Edit

Ranged Weapons include a variety of guns which can inflict damage from a distance. The ranged weapons will be divided into two major groups: Ballistic and Energy weapons.

Ballistic (So far):

  • Grenade Launchers (90-120 damage)
  • Machine Guns (60-80 damage)
  • Shotguns (50-180 damage)
  • Snipers (120-300 damage)
  • Pistols (30-190 damage)
  • Crossbows (90-230 damage)
  • Repeaters (45-780 damage)
  • Kitten Cannons (400-500 damage) (800 damage with fat cats)
  • Sustabows (1800-9800 damage) (*2 damage with sustamuffin)

Energy (So far):

  • Laser Guns
    • Laser rod​
  • ​Sustalaze

Ballistic weapons use some types of ammo. Energy Weapons will just deplete the players Energy Pool.

Ballistic Ammo includes:

  • Iron arrow (20 damage)
  • Dark Iron arrow (25 damage plus armor piercing)
  • Steel arrow (40 damage)
  • Cobalt bolt (60 damage)
  • Musket shot (65 damage)
  • Silver Bullet (80 damage, OHKO to werewolves)
  • Sniper ammo (200 damage)
  • Rocket Guided (90 damage)
  • Rocket Missile (130 damage)
  • Grenade Bomb (120 damage)
  • Kitty (100 damage)
  • Fat Kitty (300 damage)
  • Sustabullet (3400 damage)

Melee Weapons Edit

Melee Weapons include a variety of close-combat weapons.

They include

  • Daggers
  • Swords
    • Life steal blade
    • Laser Sword
  • Axes
  • Spears
  • Hyper Blades
    • Sustablade (7600 damage)
    • Mechaslicer (345 damage)
    • lightedge (420 damage plus life steal)
    • Bluadamantite sword (670 damage plus terraria image steal)

HERO Note: I would like to see some out of the norm Weapons. Something like lifebum or armor piercing.--HeroGaming (talk) 03:50, January 17, 2005 (UTC)

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